IMT 2020 Round 1 applications re-open

Following the temporary suspension of the IMT vacancy on Friday, we can confirm that the vacancy has been re-opened and applications can now recommence. The suspension was due to an administrative error on the self-assessment part of the form which meant that one of the options was missing in the leadership and management section.

Applicants who had started an application

The system protections mean that it is not possible to edit the form once applications have commenced and so, in order not to disadvantage any applicants, it has been necessary to create a new vacancy. If you had started or submitted an application to the original vacancy, we are very sorry that you will need to start a new application to the corrected vacancy. We appreciate the additional time it will take to do this, unfortunately it is not possible for us to transfer data between applications. However, original applications will remain viewable and so information can be copied to a Microsoft Word document or similar and then back to the new form once created.

In recognition of the additional time this will cause and loss of time over the weekend, we have extended the closing date to 4pm on Monday 2 December 2019.  

We were alerted to the issue by an applicant on Friday afternoon who noticed the difference between the IMT website and the application form. Due to the timing it was felt that best to delay re-opening the vacancy until today so the creation of the replacement application form was not rushed and could be thoroughly checked. 

We take these matters very seriously as we appreciate the impact they can have on trainees. Now that we have corrected the issue we will be conducting a detailed review to find out why our processes did not prevent the error so we can minimise the chances of a future occurrence.

We would like to apologise for the error and the inconvenience this has caused.